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1922 Voters of Shouns, Tennessee
Johnson County

In the Johnson County, Tennessee Court House, I found what I believe to be a list of names of people who registered to vote in 1922 and whose post office address was Shouns, Tennessee (3rd District). These names were in a notebook with no title or name of the person who made this list. The fact women were given the right to vote in 1920 and checking some of the names and ages with the 1920 census, I believe this list to have been for elections held in 1922. Unfortunately, I didn't find similar lists for the other districts in the county.

The column headings are: Reg. No., Name, Color, Age, Male or Female and Address. Since all were listed as white and addresses were Shouns, Tenn, those columns aren't included. The names are listed in the order found in the record.

Reg. No.NameAgeSex

?Allen, Alvin70Male
?Arnold Jessie32Male
?Arnold, John40Male
?Arnold, Maggie43Female
?Arnold, Briney67Female
?Allen, Carter36Male
?Arnold, Emmer27Female
?Arnold, Vernay24Female
?Arnold, Clyde23Male
?Arnold, Clarence26Male
?Ashley, Tom24Male
28Brown, E.L.35Male
35Brown, Maggie27Female
56Brown, C.L.31Male
62Brown, Jno. H.59Male
130Brown, J.A.42Male
131Brown, R.E.41Female
132Brown, Flossie44Female
179Brown, M.F.64Male
182Brown, Mrs. E.L.28Female
269Brown, Nancy89Female
270Brown, Cora21Female
7Brown, T.F.44Male
8Curd, L.A.33Male
25Curd, Harison39Male
29Curd, H.W.40Male
31Clark, O.W.61Male
37Curd, E.A.26Male
39Church, W.G.45Male
63Curd, R.F.62Male
57Curd, Mose28Male
59Curd, Mary60Female
60Curd, Vada35Female
255Crouse, Henry55Male
262Curd, Hattie26Female
277Curd, Susie46Female
81Curd, Jane52Female
82Curd, Della?24Female
83Curd, David60Male
295Curd, Arthur21Male
17Dowell, W.A.58Male
19Dunn, J.M.54Male
20Dunn, W.G.23Male
21Dunn, J.W.43Male
22Dunn, B.E.41Female
23Davis, R.M.56Male
24Davis, P.M.50Female
43Dunn, J.G.35Male
44Dunn, W.M.41Male
73Dowell, J.M.59Male
74Dowell, A.E.54Female
77Davenport, J.W.37Male
78Davenport, Zora35Female
96Dowell, S.E.35Male
101Dowell, Anniee49Female
106Dunn, Henry53Male
107Dunn, Mary E.50Female
119Dowell, W.C.30Male
130Dowell, Josie22Female
125Davis, A.A.52Male
126Davis, Maryan28Female
152Dunn, Bessie21Female
190Dunn, Wesley65Male
197Dishman, L.F.25Male
198Dollar, C.C.48Male
203Dowell, Maggie26Female
217Dishman, Adolphus62Male
218Dishman, Dora56Female
232Dunn, R.J.52Female
237Dunn, Alice34Female
254Dunn, G.B.82Male
258Dunn, Celia60Female
267Dunn, Emanuel89Male
268Dunn, Elizabeth81Female
272Dunn, Joseph87Male
273Dunn, H.C.28Female
307Dunn, Della37Female
26Eldreth, J.R.53Male
155Eastridge, Joel85Male
156Eastridge, Molly54Female
163Eastridge, W.C.25Male
225Eldreth, Flossie36Male
238Eastridge, Arthur36Male
239Eastridge, Alice37Female
278Eastridge, Eula24Female
294Eastridge, Callie44Female
16Farmer, J.P.32Male
30Farmer, W.A.22Male
57Forrester, C.F.28Male
98Forrester, Mary34Female
181Fulk, J.C.62Male
274Forrester, J.R.43Male
279Forrester, Amanda47Female
300Farmer, Maggie27Female
308Forrester, W.A.31Male
70Gambill, W.P.65Male
71Gambill, Polly62Female
79Gambol, Smith26Male
116Greer, John40Male
117Greer, David60Male
1Hammons, J.M.W.38Male
5Hammons, W.E.40Male
46Hammons, Alice37Female
48Hammons, Mattie26Female
49Howard, Dave35Male
52Howard, J.J.36Male
53Howard, Titia36Female
54Hampton, D.D.21Male
65Hammons, B.C.31Male
67Hampton, Lillard38Male
68Hampton, Nettie26Female
69Hampton, W.W.70Male
76Hammons, Ida37Female
81Howard, J.H.33Male
82Howard, Robert48Male
89Howard, George38Male
99Hammons, S.E.52Female
100Hammons, W.M.59Male
102Head, W.S. 61Male
105Head, L.T.34Male
128Hammons, Thomas65Male
137Hockaday, Linnie25Male
165Hampton, Victoria48Female
173Hodge, Mary71Female
174Hodge, J.W.71Male
176Howard, Susan39Female
177Hampton, Emma33Female
180Hammon, M.J.36Male
186Hammons, Ruth24Female
189Head, Ora33Female
200Hammons, J.R.62Male
223Hammons, Mattie27Female
224Hammons, Bessie23Female
244Hall, J.R.74Male
245Hall, Susie38Female
246Hall, C.H.37Male
247Hall, Emmer35Female
248Hall, A.D.47Male
249Hall, Ada34Female
250Hall, M.C.21Male
253Head, Oma53Female
375Hammons, L.R.63Female
384Hammons, Nancy61Female
385Hammons, Ollie31Female
386Hammons, Delia25Female
289Hall, Florence30Female
85Johnson, J.W.44Male
115Jones, Mary E.40Female
158Jones, Donsie23Female
183Johnson, A.C.50Male
210Johnson, M.C.44Male
211Johnson, M.B.40Female
233Johnson, Titia49Female
264Jennings, T.S.28Male
280Jones, Sam24Male
34Koesis [sic], Mae21Female
51Lewis, A.T.39Male
58Lipfird, B.V.42Male
66Lipfird, J.S.54Male
80Lewis, G.E.34Male
84Lewis, H.W.28Male
90Lewis, Lillia47Female
91Lewis, Fallie25Female
94Lewis, J.C.41Male
95Lewis, G.F.43Male
97Lewis, W.M.53Male
129Lipfird, Veria36Female
134Lewis, C.A.30Male
135Lewis, Bethel29Female
139Lipfird, W.E.46Male
143Lewis, D.C.23Male
144Lewis, D.L.26Male
167Lipfird, Nora34Female
187Lipfird, Stella24Female
251Lewis, Inez22Female
312Lipfird, Sally50Female
11Mast, W.A.45Male
12Mast, Mary40Female
59McEwin, R.A.57Male
122Main, J.J.69Male
124Mahana, J.C.52Male
147Martin, D.M.41Male
150McEwin, Lorina79Female
151McEwin, Lula38Female
164May, J.H.64Male
184Martin, Thomas55Male
199May, John28Male
221Mahaley, C.F.27Male
234Martin, G.W.50Male
265Mast, J.N.62Male
297May, Texie39Female
315May, Annie52Female
201Nichols, Francis22Female
229Norris, Ray26Male
230Norris, Robie27Female
252Nichols, W.A.48Male
292Nichols, Bynum23Male
296Nichols, Lula E.38Female
42Owens, J.E.33Male
242Owens, Nancy29Female
301Osborn, D.V.62Male
302Osborn, Lizz26Female
4Payne, Sherman 46Male
36Pope, T.A.29Male
41Perkins, D.J.56Male
55Price, W.E.31Male
64Price, Verner23Male
75Payne, L.C.66Female
83Payne, U.B.34Male
86Parsons, H.W.51Male
87Payne, M.H.28Male
88Payne, Lydia Anne23Female
109Payne, J.J.62Male
110Payne, Laura C.57Female
111Payne, D.M.32Male
112Payne, R.S.40Male
113Payne, Maggie E.40Female
121Potter, Jacob43Male
127Powell, Titia65Female
133Powell, J.G.38Male
140Pope, Rufus67Male
142Potter, Wiley21Male
166Pope, Mariea50Female
194Profit, D.F.52Male
195Potter, C.R.62Male
196Potter, Danford50Female
213Payne, Ella36Female
215Powell, Conley30Male
216Powell, Rebeca30Female
336Pope, Emaline 65Female
340Payne, John M.77Male
341Payne, Mirtle40Female
256Price, Rosa45Female
257Perkins,, Rosco24Male
258Perkins, Alice30Female
260Potter, Rosa40Female
299Perkins, Cora45Female
303Price, Margaret64Female
313Price, Alford55Male
312Price, Nelia42Female
92Roark, J.C.43Male
123Roark, Stacy40Male
136Roark, H.L.66Male
161Roark, W.M.77Male
162Roark, Dovie67Female
172Roark, Oma33Female
202Rash, Etta21Female
220Roark, W.F.27Male
243Roark, S.U.39Male
307Roark, Mattie60Female
3Stout, D.R.38Male
14Stout, Robert23Male
15Sout, L.J.54Female
18Stout, J.H.29Male
32Stout, M.M.34Female
33Stout, Danford23Female
47Simcox, C.E.43Female
50Stout, J.D.28Male
60Snider, A.J.43Male
61Snider, C.C.43Female
93Stewart, R.S.71Male
103Simcox, T.E.46Male
104Simcox, Stacy37Male
141Shoun, J.A.73Male
145Shoun, Lydia62Female
146Stout, L.E.26Female
168Smith, J.C.46Male
169Smith, Oma41Female
170Smith, Cordia26Female
171Stout, Polly35Female
175Shepard, Crittie41Female
178Shepard, Don29Male
188Simcox, Villa36Female
192Stout, Danford26Female
214Smith, A.L.33Male
219Stout, Thomas39Male
31Snider, Jacob54Male
71Smith, Susan78Female
293Stewart, Alice37Female
298Sluder, Nancy25Female
304Stewart, H.L.65Female
305Stewart, Mary36Female
306Stewart, Vertie24Female
310Shelton, Charly25Male
311Shelton, Bessie23Female
316Snider, Alice43Female
27Taylor, S.H.23Male
45Taylor, Columbus38Male
108Taylor, C.W.39Male
114Taylor, Cora J.37Female
193Taylor, Verna26Female
208Taylor, Rebeca60Female
209Taylor, Nora31Female
128Taylor, Stephen63Male
261Taylor, Eli51Male
266Taylor, S.T.31Male
9Woodard, D.E.36Female
10Woodard, D.G.35Male
13Willin, W.A.50Male
38Walsh, T.M.54Male
40Wilson, Jno. L.40Male
118Williams, J.R.30Male
153Willin, T.H.39Male
154Willin, A.C.29Male
204Woodrds, Newton32Male
205Woodards, Alice25Female
213Wilson, E.E.40Female
226Willin, Edna27Female
227Woodard, McKinley22Male
72Willins, R.C.24Male
276Willin, Lydia76Female
287Woodard, Isaac55Male
288Woodard, Lillia50Female
290Woodard, Noah35Male
291Woodard, Vertie21Female
317Wilson, Bettie24Female

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