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Every Name Index to the 1880 Ashe Co., NC Federal Census

The Federal Census of 1880 was the first census to have major changes in the kinds of questions asked since 1850. In 1880 not only were individuals listed, but their relationship to the head of the household was given and their parents' place of birth as well. I have omitted the Education and Health Columns. The only exception to this is the Village of Jefferson where there appeared to have been a Whooping Cough epidemic.

Most of Peak Creek is very faded and hard to read. This is sad because of the mines there. It appears many were living in Peak Creek solely to work the mines and had no connection to Ashe County other than that. Quite a few who were enumerated were living in boarding houses or boarding himself (perhaps living in a tent). Many of these men were married but were living alone. This would indicate their families were living somewhere other than Ashe County.

Be careful with North Fork. Instead of names, Daniel Sutherland the census taker, used mostly initials. It was very hard to distinguish between his "S" and "L" for example and with no name to help many letters could go either way. He also listed 23 illegitimate people at the end of North Fork Township. You will find them on page 204.

The enumerators were free to spell how they chose and as a result there were some creative spellings. You as a researcher must also be creative when researching your families. An example is Hue Agers who must have been Hugh Eggers. You will find others as well.

In the case of relationships, again there were some obvious errors. Surely in North Fork Township, House #66 where L.A. Wilson, 18 and his wife S.E. Wilson, 20 had their illegitimate granddaughter living in the household is an error. Perhaps it was meant to have been step-daughter.

While considerable effort was made as to accuracy, you should check the census for yourself.

Column 1 House is the order in which the census taker visited each house. I have used the numbers as given in the census, however a few houses and family numbers were numbered incorrectly by the enumerator.
Column 2 Fam. is the number of the family in each house.
Column 3 Last Name
Column 4 First name
Column 5 Col. W=White B=Black M=Mulatto I=Indian
Column 6 Sex
Column 7 Age - In the case of babies less than a year old, the census taker stated their ages in fractions, i.e. 2/12 for two months old or 10/30 meaning ten days old. He usually included the month the baby was born as well. The month and year have been used, but in a few cases where the month was not given or I was unable to read the month, the fraction is given.
Column 8 Relation = the relationship of each person in the household to the Head of the household
Column 9 Mar. Status M=MarriedS=Single W=Widowed D=Divorced. If there is an * next to the marital status, it means they were married less than a year.
Column 10 Occupation
Column 11 Born - where the individual was born.
Column 12 Fa.Born - where the individual's Father was born.
Column 13 Mo.Born - where the individual's Mother was born.

Some of the statistics for 1880 Ashe Co., North Carolina (not including the Mortality Schedule) are as follows:

Males 7,278
Females 7,168
Total 14,447

White 13,521
Black or Mulatto 923
Indian 3
Total 14,447

Of the three classified as Indians 2 were in Staggs Creek, 1 in Laurel and all had the last name of Riddle.


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