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The URL shown below is from National Archives microfilm, 12th Census of Population 1900, Bureau of The Census Micro-Film Library, Tennessee Volume 36, Johnson County. These are from the original returns of Alexander F. Mock, Alexander T. Terry, William A. Dowell, Millard F. Tester, William B. Robinson, James H. Hordon, Joseph L. Garland and Alfred A. Dotson.

Census year begins on June 1, 1990 and ends June 30, 1900. All persons were included in the enumeration who were born before and living on the first day of June 1900.


    Location and Identity
  1. Number of dwelling house in order of visitation
  2. Number of family in order of visitation
  3. Name of each person whose place of abode on June 1, 1900 were in this family.
  4. Relation of each person to the head of the household of this family

    Personal Description

  5. Color
  6. Sex
  7. Date of Birth - month and year
  8. Whether single, married, widowed or divorced
  9. Number of years married
  10. Mother of how many children
  11. Number of those children living


  12. Place of birth of this person
  13. Place of birth of father of this person
  14. Place of birth of mother of this person


  15. Year of immigration to the United States
  16. Number of years in the United States
  17. Naturalization, "yes or no"

    Occupation, Trace or Profession

  18. Each person 10 years of age or older
  19. Months not employed


  20. Attended school (in ______Months)
  21. Can write
  22. Can speak English, if not what language

    Ownership of home

  23. Owned or rented
  24. Owned free or mortgaged
  25. Own farm or house
  26. Number of farm schedule

Enumeration District & Sheet NumberCivil District NameCensus Book
Page Number
CD No. 1: ED 95Laurel Bloomery1-20
CD No. 2: ED 96Mountain City21-50
CD No. 3: ED 97Shouns X-Road/Forge Creek51-69
CD No. 4: ED 98-01A through 98-12BNeva/Vaughts Gap70-89
CD No. 10: ED 98-13A through 98-20ABakers Gap/Stumps Knob166-178
CD No. 6: ED 99-01A through 99-09APandora - Doe Valley108-121
CD No. 5: ED 99-09B through 99-20AButler90-107
CD No. 7: ED 100Doe Valley122-138
CD No. 8: ED 101Shady Valley139-149
CD No. 9: ED 102Trade150-165

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