Lewis-Sturgill Cemetery
Ashe County, North Carolina

Index of Surnames Included

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Cornett  |  Graybeal  |  Hampton  |  Kaylor  |  Lewis  |  Miller  |  Osborn  |  Roten  |  Sturgill  |  Waters  |  Watkins  |  Weaver  |  Whitaker  |  Woodard  


Located off Roundabout Road behind the old Mason Sturgill residence in Ashe County, North Carolina.
See the views below.

Pictures Taken

These pictures were taken at Lewis-Sturgill Cemetery in Ashe County, North Carolina on 16 August 2002 and 3 May 2008 by Basil McVey and he is the owner of all images unless otherwise noted.

Sources of Names Listed

The listing that follows is derived from the photographs taken by Basil L. McVey. We have used a row-by-row listing starting in the northeast corner and then going back and forth in each succeeding row.

Information in brackets [sample] was added by Basil McVey unless indicated otherwise.

Views of Lewis-Sturgill Cemetery

The views are noted with the approximate location in the cemetery.
  • Looking into the cemetery
  • Looking to the east
  • Looking to the south
  • Looking to the west
  • Looking to the north
  • Looking of the northeast section
  • Looking of the southwest section

    Lewis-Sturgill Cemetery Marker Photos

    Some listings offer more than one picture. Most are marked with "alt view" as the link to the additional pictures.


    1. Photos taken, readings and genealogical research by Basil L. McVey.
    2. Members of the JCTCuzins list at eGroups.com
    3. Members of the New River list at eGroups.com

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